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It is a source of pride to be able to say that Bismillah Health Society (BHS) is a core part of the local health system open to everyone at very affordable cost. Our job as a health society is to use out resources to provide the best possible community welfare and healthcare. I strongly believe and act on the well-known quotation of Dorothy Height "without community service, we would not have a string quality of life. It is important to the person who serves as well as the recipient. It’s the way in which we ourselves grow and develop. We are here to serve patients and maintain and improve the quality of their lives. An important test of success is to earn their trust – both in the safely and effectiveness of treatment, and in opportunities to express their views. We alone may not bring a healthy life to the masses of this deprived region of Sindh, Pakistan but we have taken the first step, we are positive to receive your help and support to sustain and advance this great and noble cause.




ü To ensure social justice, equity and human rights in the provision and distribution of health services to all, with emphasis on the less privileged millions. 

ü To promote and strengthen a medically rational, culturally acceptable and ecumenically sustainable Health Care System in the remote areas of Sindh, Pakistan. 

ü To develop sustainable and innovative strategies to ensure health and overall community development in remote and vulnerable areas through various grass-root level initiatives.

ü To provide relief and rehabilitation in the areas effected by natural disasters and calamities and help the affected people rebuild a better life for themselves.



To realize our mission of providing proper health facilities to the underprivileged families and individuals, B.H.S team is adept at serving in following areas with advance technological equipment.

o   OPD

o   Child Health Care

o   Families Medicine

o   Gynecology

o   Urology

o   Physician

o   Mother Care

o   Obstetrics

o   Accident & Emergency

 The provision of modern diagnostic Radiology, Laboratory and Medical Store facilities, has eased the lives of most deprived segment of the society by providing them with basic necessity of safe and secure health services at very affordable cost.


Bismillah Health Society is providing 24 hours free Ambulance and Fire brigade services for emergency. You can have the ambulance and fire brigade at your door within five minutes just on call. Your life is the most important for us and our society. We are decreasing the ratio of deaths which happen beacause of late acces to the hospital. We have latest and updated dispensary in our ambulances. You can have first add from your home to hospital.

Mega flood in 2010, destroyed various cities, rural areas of Sukkur were at high risk also. Our passionate workers armed heavy machinery worked continuously at river Indus bank day and night to save the people. On the other hand our next team was busy in IDP’s camps, serving for their food, cure and other needs. B.H.S organized medical camps, provided free medical checkups, medicines and distributed rassion, cloths and other necessaries.  It’s all about humanity.

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