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We are the Group of energetic and passionate individuals and this makes us market leader in the real estate and Construction industry for Sukkur as well as upper Sindh. We are providing a nature enriched living style in Sukkur with all basic and luxuries facilities on affordable cost and schedule. We are making the people master of their own property and help them to solve their residential problems. We strongly believe in "the purpose of life is a life of a purpose”, following this motto we provide the art facilities of Health, Education, and Pure Drinking Water. We have accepted our social responsibility through running a charitable Hospital namely Bismillah Health Society, in which we provide  free medical services, medicines and free education to the people who cannot afford Health and educational expenses. We arrange community awareness programs about health, education and live together peacefully beyond the race & religion differences. We are making the dreams true.


  1. Indus Builders & Developers (2005) (83-24 acres)
  2. Sukkur Township (2005) (177-10 acres)
  3. Crystal Model Town Sukkur (2011) (05-03 acres)
  4. Crystal Model Town Sukkur Phase-I  (2011) (85-09 acres)
  5. Crystal Model Town Sukkur Phase-II (2011) (18-29 acres)
  6. Shahbaz Model Town (2011) (13-00 acres)
  7. Allama Iqbal Town Tando Adam (2011) (05-00 acres)
  8. Arafat Town Tando Adam (2011) (07-20 acres)
  9. Syed City Tando Adam (2012) (36-00 acres)
  10. Doctor Villas (2012) (04-08 acres)
  11. King Crystal Bungalows (2013) (06-16 acres)
  12. Green Sukkur Model Town (2014) (33-18 acres)
  13. King Crystal Bungalows Phase -II (2015) (08-00 acres)
  14. Sachal Model Town Sukkur (2015) (03-25 acres)
  15.  King Crystal Shopping Mall
  16. Green City Super Store
  17. Moon Crete (Tuff Tile Factory)-2015
  18. Sukkur Water Park-2015-2016 (17-00 acres)
  19. Bismillah Medical Complex Ghotki (since 1990)
  20. Bismillah Health Society (NPO) since 2000
  21. Crystal Associates (Marketing Firm) 2011
  22. Moon Marketing Pvt. Ltd (Marketing Firm) 2015



Last two decades are proved boosting of construction industry in the history of Pakistan. It was 1995 when Mr.  M. Shakir owner of Bismillah Medical Complex Ghotki entered in the Sukkur with a dream to make a new city of Sukkur. He had good research work for running Construction Company in Sukkur. The findings of his research were:


  •     Sukkur is the Hub of Sindh
  •    Third Big City of the Sindh
  •     Rural population is moving to sukkur
  •     People living in sukkur city are facing fresh water problem
  •     Very congested city
  •     People of Sukkur city were looking for comfortable residency at very affordable cost

There were many other reasons and findings but the most important was that the others builders were focusing on plazas and flats in sukkur city, where the water and others problems could not be solved. It was niche market to plan a project where pure water, drainage, wide roads, fresh air, load shading and other problems could be solved. Mr. M. Shakir again did some research work and found such a location which proved fruitful for him. It was the location where city point, airport, Indus River, Main bypass, bus terminal, three canals were very nearer and fresh water were available. He got start to purchase land where he faced   many difficulties and hurdles. It took about a decade (1995 to 2004) and he had purchased about 200 acres land. Now it was time to start a project but he did not took that step because he knew that it would be his first experience to start construction project and it may be prove worst for him, so he decided to go for joint venture, and he made proposal for Arif builders to start the Sukkur’s big project. Arif builders accepted such a fantastic offer and signed for joint venture. In May, 2005 the project was launched in the name of Sukkur Township Sukkur consists of 3 sectors covering area 111 acres. On the first day of opening more than 1000 bungalows, flats, and shops had been sold and in three days the number of booking exceeded 3300. After succession and on demand of people, further two sectors of 66 acres land extended. When the dream became true, Mr. M. Shakir made his strategy to purchase more land in limited time. In 2011 he registered his company in the name and style of RR Group (Builders and Developers), that time he was owner of more than 500 acres land at the same location. Now RR Group (Builders and Developers) has more than 10 projects and are running successfully. RR Group is a leading in construction and real estate industry in Sukkur region market and having more than 50% of market share.

RR Group is a construction and real estate company based in Sukkur. It deals in planning of projects, housing schemes, construction of bungalows, commercials, flats and free property suggestion services and contract Managers. The main objective of RR Group is to facilitate the people of sukkur living their lives in congested homes, streets and facing many other problems like pure water, fresh air, drainage and so on. According to the owner Sukkur is not planned city, there are streets, parking, load shading, pure water, drainage and other issues, but new Sukkur City would be problem less. RR Group wants the people of sukkur region to live their lives comfortably at very affordable cost.



RR Group provides wide range of services include.


  1. Consultant
  2. Construction Management
  3. Building & Architecture
  4. Developments
  5. Soil Engineering
  6. Mechanical & Electrical Services
  7. Interior Designing
  8. Renovation & Maintenance of Residential & Commercial Buildings

RR has more than 1200 acres land, from which he has sold out about 100 acres land to Different Builders, RR Group proposes investors/ Builders to start project at the same location at very effective cost.

To provide all luxury and basic needs to the clients & the surroundings, we have tried our level best RR Group has own petrol pump where you need not to travel miles, you can have this facility at home Our petrol station exists in the center of all projects for example Bachal Shah Miani road Near King Builders Sukkur, It has tuck shop, play area, and a mosque



·         Premium unleaded petrol

·         Super unleaded petrol

·         Diesel